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Fast weight loss methods: How to remove fat from thighs and buttocks We remove the fat from the knees at home.
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Unfortunately, many women are unhappy with their hips. Even those who follow healthy lifestyle and give time to physical labor, they may suffer from the so-called rider Breach.

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The reason for such a huge reduction of this data lies in the physiology of women. Our body stores two types of fat. The first is the lowest and relatively easy during training and diet. paris massage hotel

  Second, the “reserved” layer is deep inside the body and is even protected with a special thin cloth. During puberty, such a reserve layer contributes to the production of estrogen.

And after 20 years, loses such an important task and like “canned” in the upper part of the legs. In this article, the site will tell you whether you can remove the ear on the hips and bring your forms to perfection.  paris hotel massage

How to remove ear at the hips with practice
For “melting” to collect deep fat, you have to convert them into muscles. Do not think that a similar muscle will appear in place of “fatty” breech. Only the muscles are distributed evenly in the length of the internal tissues, and the fat is stored in some places. That is, instead of unwanted “collision” we get a smooth and tight skin surface. Let’s learn how to remove ear on the hips.  massage paris hotel

Familiar with school time, ordinary squats can compete well with deposits outside the thighs as well as strengthen buttocks. We put our feet in the width of the shoulders, we come into the stomach, we keep our back straight. The hands are parallel to the floor and start moving. Take 30 breaks and repeat the exercise, but in the initial position, feet are already put together.  massage hotel paris

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Tip! For another tangible result, you can roam with a dumbbell or iron.

Lie down on her, fold a lower leg knee. With the upper limb, swing up and a little behind We lift the leg at a 45 degree angle, then reduce it, but do not keep it on the surface, but keep it constant. We perform 30 flops on each side.

To get rid of ear on the hips by practice, try rotate too. Speaking on the side, we have straight legs at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the trunk. At the same time, we lift the upper leg and body, we try to touch the leg by hand. We come back to the starting position, repeat 15 times with the left and right foot.  paris hotel massage

The jump
We put our hands on the waist and jump at least 100 times. Tear your feet off the floor, just push it from the surface. You can jump on both legs once or at alternate load. In this exercise, there will be an ideal subsidiary rope.  paris massage hotel

From a vertical position, we move spindles widely. Both legs are pressed on the floor. We sit on the feet 30 times, which is lame. After this, change the position and repeat the load for the second step.  massage paris hotel

Important! We should keep the flat behind us. Do not touch the knee, standing edges, near the floor.

On all four squares  massage hotel paris

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Support points – knees and hands Pick the right leg Pull up straight, as much as possible. Then we turn it and take it on the right shoulder with knee. After 30 movements, change the legs and repeat the process. hotel paris massage

You will be surprised, but effective exercises are available free of charge from training hours to remove ear at the hips. Right now, try to stress the buttocks in a rhythmic manner. Simple enough, right? Such works are almost invisible to the eyes of the outsider, and you are given an opportunity to pump the problem area at any convenient moment.

Also, pay attention to the stairs. Once again, do not use lift, you can control many floors alone. In a short time, taking action does not seem like serious test. hotel massage paris

Important! If no noticeable results do not arrive immediately, do not worry. From the point of view of existence, from the point of view of existence, it has right authority from the order to lose weight: the first face is reduced, then the chest, then the stomach, and only the last – thighs.  massage paris hotel

In all of the above, running is good for adding. Slowly, such a cardio-load is capable of fully assisted with riders. In addition, many fat stores burn in the morning race, because glycogen is running after the rest of the night, which means that the body gets energy from fats. If you can not run the race, then increase the walking distance.  massage hotel paris

How to remove ear on the thighs with a massage
Massage movement promotes good blood supply, a rapid outflow of lymph, qualitative metabolism. To get rid of breech riding on hips, you can use different self-massage techniques.  paris hotel massage

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Classic Massage for Weight Loss
Before the session, it is advisable to take a bath and clean the coffee grounds at the places of volumetric deposits. Then we put skin cream or oil for massage. We relax the muscles of the hip. We work in the following sequence:  paris massage hotel

Two hands begin to stroke their feet.
Rubbing the surface quickly with ribs of palms and palms.
We spread the muscles, thereby making efforts to increase their tone and also the accumulation of fat cells is broken. You can also move the muscles.

We eliminate the stroking process and go to the other thigh.
The total duration of the session should be approximately 10 minutes.

Tip! For high efficiency, use a towel stranded with a massage kitten, a brush, special rollers or towels.

At the same time, helping to remove hated ears on the thighs of endangered massage. Heat the hot skin with oil and proceed to the tilt. We move forward in clockwise direction and gradually increase the pressure. When the skin becomes red (and it takes at least 5 minutes), we end the session with the movement. Similar baths can be done under water while bathing.  massage hotel paris

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Honey massage paris hotel
Instead of butter, we will use natural liquid honey. For a few spoons of honey, add 10 drops of essential oils of geranium, lemon, mint, almond or mandarin. Heat the mixture in the hands, keep the rider on the breech, start patting the skin in a rigid fashion. Increase the intensity of cotton gradually, until the thigh turns red, and honey becomes white. The estimated time of such exposure is 15-30 minutes.   paris hotel massage

Can  paris massage hotel
This is another effective way of quickly removing the ears on the hips. Heat hot oil on skin and install a massage paris hotel  jar. Carefully paris massage hotel the problematic area in Circle and Zigzag, constantly changing these two methods. There is no injury after the procedure on the body, we follow the “pressure” of the jar: the skin should not be drawn deeply. More than one and a half centimeters

Interesting! Save on oil for massage is quite easy. It is necessary to combine olive, almond or peach oil with essential oil of grapes or orange. And cheap cosmetic is ready! Wrap the magic against “horse riding”  massage hotel paris

Home wrapping of hips is not less than any kind of salon process and also promotes weight loss of the problem area. As the main ingredient we will use the most simple products and materials. And the effect of the sauna will be made with the help of food films and hot pants.  paris hotel massage 

We prepare the mass to wrap according to one of the following recipes:

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Components preparation application
10 drops of essential oils of bergamot and grapes
8 drops of greanium oil  massage paris hotel
3 drops of cinnamon oil
5 drops of nutmeg essential oil

30 drops of oil – base (for example, olive or grape seed)
We combine the materials in the sequence. Be sure to add the final foundation. Lubricate the oil structure wrapped in a film, leave at least half an hour. After wrapping my skin.
70% Black Chocolate Tile  massage hotel paris 

½ teaspoon black pepper
2 cups of hot water or milk
In the liquid, add chocolate dissolved, chilli. Cool the 40 degree degree. We put weight on a breech ride with a thin layer. We keep the body for 20 minutes.  hotel paris massage

100 grams of cocoa powder
200 gms of powder in powder
Algae is born in water according to manufacturer’s instructions. Mix with cocoa Finally, you should get a similar grunge. Spread the hips with the mixture. Keep under the film before the incident of inconvenience.  hotel massage paris

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100 gms honey
100 grams of mustard powder
Gray honey on water bath We connect it with mustard. We make a wrap for 30 minutes. Then rinse the structure with warm water and apply anti-cellulite cream.
5 teaspoons of green tea  paris hotel massage

2 teaspoons honey
½ teaspoon cinnamon
We turn tea leaves into powder. To make a porridge fill boiling water. Add the rest of the ingredients, knead it. We apply a warm mass on riders, we wrap it with a film, we stand for 30 minutes to an hour.  paris massage hotel

So we found out how to remove the ear ear as soon as possible on the hip. Apply exercises, massage and wrap in the premises and do not forget to look for the proper nutrition. Strive for the goal, because the path is long. But the end result as beautiful slender legs is worth it!  massage paris hotel 

There is an interest in a large number of women in the way to remove “ear” on the hips – thus they say fat deposits in their outer side. It appears that simple exercises, which train feet, should give a good result, but practice shows that excess weight is difficult to dump in this part of the body.  massage paris hotel

Such fatty deposits are very stable, so experts recommend using the integrated approach. It involves exercise, diet, as well as the use of physical development of the whole body.

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The key position to combat “ear” on hips experts calls the mobile way of life. In most cases, the home behind the TV

Excellent results are the so-called semi-squats, which give too much weight on the hips, but do not pose or threaten other injuries. To do this, take a position with combined heels and widely spread toe legs. To work for thighs, stretch as much as possible, stand on tipto, and then start practicing. Squatting, keep your flat behind and try to stretch your knees in the sides. In one day, you need to set 10 sets of half-squats.  hotel paris massage 

However, the practice of solitary practice once again will not be effective – it is necessary to alternate with the Flexian and other exercises that train the press. Apart from this, it is advisable to take this rope and jump at least 100 per day, which will also help to remove excess weight from the hips.  hotel massage paris 

If you live in a city apartment and can not afford to jump in the morning, practice leg sweep. To do this, you need to lean your hands on the chair or other comfortable surface, and then increase your feet to about 50-70 cm depending on your height.  paris massage hotel 

At home, you should do this complex at least twice a week, if the next day you feel unpleasant weight on your feet. However, you can increase intensity and practice every other day to speed up the result. paris hotel massage

For several days in a row, you should go for a walk or walk, however, you should rest at least such activities once a week. If you are busy in a certain sport, consult your trainer to create a personalized exercise program, which includes hip exercises.  massage paris hotel

Power Supply
To reduce the amount of fat deposits on the hips, you have to follow a low calorie diet. The following products must be left completely:  massage hotel paris 

hotel massage paris

Pork, turkey meat, fried beef;
White bread;
Animal fat;
Instead, you should eat wheat with more dairy products, deer, fresh vegetables, as well as coarse cereals, for example, porridge or wheat. It is advisable to manage one day, using only cereals with the bran and water at least once a week.

It is appropriate to remember that it is advisable to be firm in any diet, because the hips only lose weight after the face, chest, shoulders and stomach.  paris hotel massage

Therefore, in practice, it has often been found that the desired results can be achieved only for one year or even for a long time. If you want to know how to remove ear on the hips for a few days, you can use the emergency method. This is useful if you are going to wear a short dress for an important event – though,  paris massage hotel

the effect will not last long. To do this, within a few days, the diarrhea or tea on the basis of herbs with the same action – the amount of fat will be reduced to some extent, although later you will have to face the essence of the problem, not the external Expression  massage paris hotel

If you have faced sports nutrition before, you can try to accelerate the achievement of the desired result with the help of food additives. L-carnitine, an excellent tool for weight loss of hips, as well as other problem areas of the female body. This active amino acid accelerates the breakdown of adipose tissue and contributes to a large amount of energy generation.

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Carnitine can work effectively, you need to saturate tissues of thighs and other problem areas with oxygen. If you run away, float and make other serious loads for the body, then you can do it. massage paris hotel 

Massage hotle paris 
If you are interested in removing the ear on the hips as soon as possible, then it is worth to massage the problem area, accelerating the decomposition of fatty deposits. Good results, combined with the stroke of the edge of the palm and cotton, also give a simple stroke.

The best option – go to a professional paris massage hotel  parlor, where you can use special procedures to reduce the weight of hips. It is best to order lymph drainage or anti-cellulite paris hotel massage – they help restore the normal process of using body deposits represented by fat deposits.

Hydromax works well on hips. It’s not just about the specific box, which is called “jacuzzi” in our country, not only about the soul of charcoat Bathing after exercise, connecting it to hips to the thigh, turning on the maximum head and making circular motion at those places where “ears” are.

hotel massage paris

If you change the temperature gradually, taking a type of “opposite bath” can get a better effect – while the rate of circulation has increased significantly. hotel paris massage

Some experts recommend making vacuum masculine for thighs by banks – this remedy helps to increase the circulation of blood and lymph, and also helps to normalize metabolic processes. Hips of honey are also a technique for hotel massage  paris – for this, a thin layer of fresh liquid honey with lemon juice and cinnamon apply to the skin, after which it is necessary to rub the resulting mixture well.

Remember that diet, exercise and massage should be used at the same time – it will be possible to get a permanent result with only one integrated approach. Experts say that after a few months of such rule, on hips  paris massage hotel

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