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Many people use mainstream medical practices to get diagnostic and basic information, whereas their tendency towards alternative therapies remains that they consider them as health-enhancing remedies. body to body mobile massage paris 

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Studies have shown that alternative methods are often used in conjunction with conventional medicine. [37] It is defined by NCCAM as an integrative (or integrated) medical practice, because it includes “traditional There is a combination of medical and CAM, for which there are high-quality evidence of safety and effectiveness. body mobile massage paris 

[11] One of integrative therapies According to the leading supporter Andrew T. Weil MD, the principles of integrative medicine include the proper use of traditional and CAM methods; patients’ participation, recovery, and therapeutic and natural and Minimum ripening methods. [38] A survey conducted in 1997 found that  tantra mobile massage paris 

13.7% of respondents in the United States had a medical doctor and an alternative medical Lee served specialize in security. The same survey also found that 96% of respondents had looked at the services of alternative medicine practitioner also sought the services of a medical doctor in the past 12 months.  tantric mobile massage paris

Medical doctors were often unaware of their patients being given alternative medical care because only 38.5% of patients had discussed alternative medicine with their medical doctors. [39]  lingam mobile massage paris 

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Professor of complementary medicine at Exeter University, Edzard Ernst wrote in the Medical Journal of Australia: “Nearly half of the developed countries use supplemental and alternative medicine (CAM) of the population.” A study conducted in May 2004 by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative

Medicine, a division of the National Institutes of Health, United States, found that in the year 2002, 62.1% of adults had served some form of CAM in the last 12 months and 75% had taken the service for a lifetime (although this figure is 36.0% and 50%, if the particular health If one excludes the prayer of reasons);  mobile massage paris 

This study included Yoga, Meditation, herbal remedies, and Atkins diet as CAM. [37] [40] Other studies have similar figure, i.e. 40% [41] In the year 1998, a British telephone survey of 1209 adults by the BBC found that approximately 20% of adults in the UK used alternative medicine in the past 12 months. mobile massage in paris 

[42] Urns T has been politically active on this issue, and he publicly requested that the two guides of alternative medicine published by the Foundation for Integrated Health to be rejected by Prince Charles on the basis that “those There are many misleading and erroneous claims about the benefits offered by alternative medicine in both,

“and” ineffective and sometimes dangerous in the country Alternative treatments can not be promoted. “[43] Generally, they believe that CAM can be scientifically tested and tested. [25] [29] [44]  body to body mobile massage paris 

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The use of alternative medicine is increasing in developed countries. A study conducted in 1998 found that the use of alternative medicine increased from 33.8% in 1990 to 42.1% in 1997. [39] The report released in 2000 by the House of Lords in the United Kingdom says “..  naturist mobile massage paris

In the United Kingdom, the use of CAM is increasing and it is increasing, with limited figures appearing to support it. “[45] Deficial resources due to lack of resources and poverty due to developmental countries People have very little access to saas.

Traditional therapies that provide alternative medicine, such as alternative medicine, may include primary health care or can be integrated into the health care system. Traditional medical practices are used in 80% of primary health care in Africa, and in developed countries, one-third of the population is deprived of essential medical care. [46] body mobile massage paris 

Proponents of alternative medicine believe that various alternative therapies are effective in fixing large and small diseases of wide scope, and recently published papers such as Michalsen, 2003, [47] Gonsalkorale 2003 [ 48] and Berga 2003) [49] also prove the effect of specific alternative medicine.

They insist that PubMed Research reveals that since 1966, approximately 370,000 research papers published in Medline-recognized journals of the National Library of Medicine database Has been classified as alternative medicine. See also Kleijnen 1991 (Kleijnen 1991) [50] and Linde 1997 [51]  tantra mobile massage paris 

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The complementary treatment method is often used in palliative care or should be used by experts to try to reduce the chronic pain of patients.

62.1% had done so during the past 12 months.
When the prayer for health is separated, then this figure decreases to 49.8% and 36.0% respectively.
45.2% had used prayer for health reasons in the last 12 months, whether they were either done for their health or through prayer for others. tantric mobile massage paris 

54.9% used CAM as a combination of traditional medicine.
14.8% took medical treatment from “licensed or certified” experts, which states that “Most people who use CAM prefer to treat themselves.”   lingam mobile massage paris 

Most people used CAM to treat muscular hemoglobia or treating chronic or recurrent pain.
“Women used to use CAM more than men, the most gender gap was seen in brain-body therapy, including prayer for health.”
“Except the groups of healing methods that used to pray for health, the use of CAM was increased as the level of education increased.”  naturist mobile massage paris 

Among the most used CAM treatments in the US in the year 2003, prayers (45.2%), herbal remedies (18.9%), respiratory meditation (11.6%), meditation (7.6%), pediatrics (7.5% ), Yoga (5.1%), body action (5.0%), diet-based treatment (3.5%), progressive relaxation (3.0%), mega-vitamin therapy (2.8%) and visualization (2.1%).  tantra mobile massage paris 

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In a survey conducted in about 1,400 US hospitals in 2004, it was found that more than one in four hospitals offered complementary therapies, such as acupuncture, homeopathy and massage treatment. [58]  tantric mobile massage paris 

In a survey conducted by the Health Forum in a sub-section of the American Hospital Association in 2008, it was found that more than 37% respondent hospitals indicated that they would serve one or more alternative medical practices , Which was more than 26.5% of the year 2005.  lingam mobile massage paris 

In addition to the possibility of inclusion of CAM in the hospitals of Southern Atlantic states, there was a possibility of inclusion in the hospitals of the North Central States and the Middle Atlantic. In the hospitals making CAM, 70% were in urban areas. [59]

The National Science Foundation also completed a survey about the popularity of alternative medicine. In the science fiction of the media about the understanding of public trends and pseudoscience and the definition of alternative medicine that all the treatments which have not proved effective on the use of scientific methods,  mobile massage paris

such as the negative impact of the notion of personal beliefs, organizations and organizations After mentioning the concerns of science-policymaker community, it commented, “However, alternative medicine The popularity of Saa seems to be increasing “. [23]   mobile massage in paris 

In Texas state, physicians can be partially protected from non-commercial behaviors or failures to perform medical work under an acceptable way and thus they can also be protected from disciplinary action on them, if they

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Use alternative medicine in supplementary form, if the specific functional requirements of the board are satisfied. And security threat to the “patient the therapies used are not much higher than conventional therapy for her therapy”. [60]  naturist mobile massage paris 

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The examples and perspectives in this section may not represent a worldwide view of the subject. Please improve this article and discuss (January 2010)  body body mobile massage paris 

The number of medical colleges that provide alternative medicine courses in the United States is increasing. For example, there are three separate surveys conducted on 729 schools (125 schools providing MD degree), 25, and 585 nursing degrees that offer Doctor of Osteopathic medicine degrees).  body mobile massage paris 

It taught some form of CAM. [61] ] [62] [63] The University of Arizona College of Medicine offers a program on Integrative Medicine under the leadership of Andrew Weil, in which physicians are taught about various branbody to body mobile massage paris ches of alternative medicine, “… neither rejects conventional medicine nor receives alternative medical tasks unreasonably.”      body mobile massage paris 

[64] Canadian and American recognition Number of received Naturopathic colleges is increasing. (See Naturopathic Medical School in North America). In Connecticut, the University of Connecticut Medical School sponsors the spread of Ayurveda from time to time in conferences and courses, for example, a recognized Yale Medical doctor and psychiatrist,  tantra mobile massage paris 

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Nikishi, Ayurveda: A Comprehensive Guide to Traditional Indian Medicine for the Wes . Praeger Press: ISBN 0-313-34837-5. (Aurveda: A Comprehensive Guide to Traditional Indian Medicine for the West. Praeger Press: ISBN 0-31

Which branch of alternative medicine is valid, which regulated and which government-controlled health service is being provided by private health care insurance company, the jurisdictions associated with it are different. United Nations  tantra mobile massage paris

Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights) – General Comment on the Right to the Highest Suffrageable Standard of Health No. 14 ( 2000) of Article 34 (Specific Legal obligations) says that   tantric mobile massage paris

Apart from this, the responsibilities of respecting include prohibition by the government, or inhibiting the treatment of conventional healing treatments, therapeutic methods and the marketing of medical and unsafe drugs, and not to stop the indomitable medical treatment, There is a special basis for the treatment of disease or the prevention or control of transmitted diseases. “[75]  lingam mobile massage paris 

The specific implementation of this article has been left to member countries.

Many alternative therapies disagree with the restrictions of government agencies that recognize medical treatments. For example, critics in America say that the criteria for Food and  naturist mobile massage paris

 tantric mobile massage Paris

Drug Administration for experimental assessment methods prevents the use of useful and effective treatment and their methods of public and their contributions and discoveries are wrongly

Dismissed, they are ignored or pressed. Alternative medical providers believe that fraud is accompanied by health and they argue that it should be dealt with properly, but these restrictions should not be imposed on those which they consider to be valid health treatment products.   body body mobile massage paris

Alternative medicine products are included in the category of food products in New Zealand, hence there are no regulatory or safety standards. [76]

In Australia, this topic is known as complementary medicine and the Therapeutic Goods Administration has issued several guidelines and standards. [77] Australian regulatory guidelines for complementary medicine (ARGCM) ) (ARGCM) demand that insecticides, smokers, toxic metals, microbial poisons, radionuclides, microbial contaminants etc. in herbal matter  tantra mobile massage paris 

It should be monitored, though these guidelines do not demand evidence of these symptoms. [78] However, detailed information for herbal substances in pharmacopoeial monographes should be provided to the affiliated authority. [79] tantric  mobile massage paris 

Modern pharmaceuticals have been strictly regulated, so that there is an active ingredient in the standard quantities in the drug and they are free from contamination. Alternative medical products do not have the same government quality control standards and they can not be symmetrical.

With this, there is uncertainty in chemical materials and biological activation for any particular food. This lack of inspection means that there is a possibility of adulteration and contamination in alternative products.  naturist mobile massage paris 

[80] This problem is further enhanced by international commerce, because regulation of different countries is of different types and scope. This makes it difficult for consumers to assess the risk and quality of the product.  body to body mobile massage paris 

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Alternative and Evidence-Based Medicine
Test of efficacy
Several alternative therapies have been tested, in which the results are found separately. In the year 2003, 208 condition-treatment pairs were included in the project funded by the CDC, out of which 58% were studied by at least one randomized controlled trial  tantra mobile massage paris 

(RCT) and 23% had meta Analysis was evaluated. [81] According to a 2005 book by the US Institute of Medicine panel, the number of RCTs concentrated on CAM increased significantly.

This book mentions Vickers-1998, which found that many CAM-related RCTs are in the Cochrane register, but 19% of these tests were not in MEDLINE. And 84% were in the traditional medical journals. [17]: 133  tantric mobile massage paris 

By 2005, the Cochrane Library had 145 CAM-related schematic cochrane reviews and 340 non-Cochrane systematic reviews. Where only 145 CAM-related streamlined cochrane reviews were analyzed by readers. In 83% of the cases readers agreed.

In the 17% of the cases in which they disagreed, a third reader agreed with one of the initial readers to determine the rating. These studies found that 38.4% had positive effects for CAM, or 12.4% had positive positive effects, 4.8% had no effect, 0.69% had harmful effects, and 56.6% showed insufficient evidence.  mobile massage paris 

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Evaluation of traditional treatments found that 41.3% said positive or potentially positive effects, 20% did not say any effect, 8.1% showed total harmful effects, and 21.3% showed insufficient evidence. Although the CAM review used the 2004 Cochrane database, the traditional review used the 1998 Cochrane Database. [17]: 135-136  mobile massage in  paris 

Most alternative medical treatments do patent taxes

“Ten years ago the government started investigating herbs and other health treatments so that effective treatment could be selected from them.” The disappointing answer after spending $ 2.5 billion is that none of them is effective. “[28]
Cancer researcher Andrew J. Vickers said:  naturist mobile massage paris

Unlike most popular and scientific writing, many alternative cancer treatments have been researched in good quality clinical trials and they have been found to be ineffective. In this article, Livingston-Wheeler, Di Bella Multitherapy Medical tests of alternative therapies of cancer including antineoplaston, vitamin C, hydrazine sulfate, lactyl, psychotherapy body mobile massage paris 

The verbs were reviewed. It is inappropriate to name “non-certified” for such treatments; this is the time to say that many alternative cancer treatments have been “contradicted”. [88] [88]
Safety test  body to body mobile massage paris 
See also: Action with traditional medicines

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Those forms of alternative medicine that are biologically active can be dangerous if used with conventional medicine. Examples include immuno-augmentation therapy, shark cartilage, bioresonance therapy, oxygen and ozone therapy, insulin potentiation therapy.  tantra mobile massage paris 

Some herbal remedies can do dangerous interaction with chemotherapy drugs, radiation therapy, or with other problems as well as perform anesthesia during surgery. [7] Assistant Professor of the University of Adelaide, Alastair McLenan (Alastair MacLennan) presented an anecdotal example of such hazards, about  tantric mobile massage paris 

a patient who had bleeding on the operating table Due to the fact that the fact that he was ignored was ignored by the fact that he was consuming “power-enhancing” “natural” drink before the operation, which included a powerful drink containing anti-hypertension, which had Brought him closer to death. [89]  lingam mobile massage paris

To ABC Online, McLenan also presented another possible methodology:

“And finally a situation of suspicion, despair and depression arises that some patients go from one alternative medicine to another and they find that after three months the effect of pseudo-medicine ends, and now they

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Depressed and confused, then depression can arise and eventually they have to go to the shelter of an effective treatment, because now you can not follow them because in the past you have many abstracts Failures would have seen it. “[90]
possible side effects  body to body mobile massage paris 

Traditional treatments are tested for the unwanted side effects, while alternative treatments are usually not tested for any kind. Any therapy – whether it is conventional or optional, has their biological or psychological effects on patients, which may be biological or psychological side effects. As an attempt to deny this fact in relation to alternative medicine, sometimes the illusions of appealing to nature are supported, i.e., “that which is natural can not be harmful.”   mobile massage paris 

An exception to this general thinking of side effects is homeopathy. Since the year 1938 The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has regulated the homeopathy product “in many other ways different from other drugs”. [91] The formation of homeopathy medicine is called “remedies” ,

Which is quite ambiguous, is often far from the argument that a molecule of the original active (and possibly poisonous) component is likely to survive. mobile massage in paris

Thus, these are considered safe on this basis, but “in the creation of their product, the exact construction methods associated with the date of expiration are not used, the concentration and manufactured product are not investigated for the identification and strength”. Their alcohol concentrations may be more than the accepted concentrations for other traditional medicines. [91]

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Treatment delay  body to body mobile massage paris 
For those who have experienced or experienced success in any alternative medicine for a small disease, they can be agreed for its efficacy and on the basis of that success, some other alternative medical methods for more serious, potentially devastating diseases.

[9] For this reason, critics argue that such methods of treatment that the pseudo-pharmacists Are based on, defining their success is very dangerous. naturist mobile massage paris 

Mental health journalist Scott Lilienfeld said in 2002 that “invalid or scientifically unsupported mental health treatment methods can strengthen a person to discard effective medical care,” and see it as “opportunity cost” .

Those who spend their time and money in ineffective treatment, either they do not have both or they miss opportunities to take such medicines, which can prove to be more helpful. In essence, even if even innocuous therapy can have negative consequences. [93]  tantra mobile massage paris 

Danger can be increased if used as a supplement to standard medical treatment.
In a multicentry study conducted in Norway, the connection between alternative medicine and cancer survivors was examined. Use of standard medical treatment of cancer  tantric mobile massage paris

 tantric mobile massage Paris

A study published in 1998 [41] indicates that many alternative therapies were used in combination with standard medical treatments. Approximately 4.4% of people involved in the study used alternative medicine instead of traditional chickisa. It was found in this study that those who used alternative medicine, they would have moved towards higher education or found signs of bad health.   lingam mobile massage paris 

Dissatisfaction with traditional medicine was not a worthwhile factor, but many users of alternative medicine seemed to do so largely because “these health care options are based on their values, beliefs and their philosophical Find trends in consistency. “Individuals involved in the study, particularly the suggestion of a holistic approach to health  mobile massage in paris 

A given experience, which transformed his viewpoint and identity, and many groups indicated environmentalist, feminist, psychology and / or spirituality, and personal growth trends, even if they had many types of small diseases, especially anxiety, backbone Problems and suffering from chronic pain.  mobile massage paris 

The authors projected the minorities to have social-cultural and psychological reasons as an appeal to use alternative medicine in place of conventional medicine. There are many types of socio-cultural reasons, and concurrent growth of the psychological perspective and mysticism of the new period, due to which these treatments are centered around the lowest level of scientific literacy.  body body mobile massage paris 

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[97] This is related to insufficient media check With strong marketing of the unconscious claims made by the alternative medical community [98] and attacks on critics. [97] [99] There has also been an increase in the disadvantage of the principles of conspiracy against conventional medicine and pharmaceutical companies,  body mobile massage paris 

the beliefs of traditional authority bodies such as physicians, and the current methods of supply of biomedicine, all of which Various types of diseases have been set up to move towards alternative medicine. [99] Many patients have personal and public health Because of lack of insurance,

they can not reach their access to contemporary medical practice, due to which they go in search of low-cost alternative therapies. [37] Medical doctors are also being financially marketed to earn profit from this market. . [98]  naturist mobile massage paris 

In addition to this new socio-cultural base of the popularity of alternative medicine there are many psychological aspects which are crucial for this development. The most decisive of them, the placebo effect, is a well-established idea in medical science. [100] This is related to similar psychological effects, such as the desire to believe,  tantra mobile massage paris 

[97] cognitive Discrimination that promotes a sense of self-esteem and sustainable social behavior, [97] and worldly sequence is a causative relationship. Help. [97] Patient may be reluctant to treat the painful, unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects of biomedical treatments.

 tantric mobile massage Paris

Significant side effects of the treatment of serious diseases such as cancer and HIV are well known. Even fewer threatened treatments, such as antibiotics, also have some of the deadly anaphylactic reactions in individuals. Generally, many treatments, such as cough or stomach disturbances, may be light but troublesome symptoms. In all these cases, patients may seek alternative remedies to avoid the side effects of traditional treatments. [97] [99]  lingam mobile massage paris 

Its popularity can be combined with other factors. In an interview with Edzard Ernst, The Independent wrote:

“Then why is it so popular? Ernst blames the providers, customers and the practitioners for this, whose negligence opened a door that leads to alternative treatment practitioners.” People are called lies. There are 40 million websites, out of which 39.9 million are liars and sometimes unaccounted lies. mobile massage paris 

They mislead the cancer patients, who are not only motivated to spend all the money, but are encouraged to treat those things, which can reduce their life. “People on the other side are naïve, and the naivete of people is essential for the success of this industry, it will not make me popular among the people, but the truth is this.” [101]   mobile massage in paris 
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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
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