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To paris massage hotel  the house, you need to have your hands dry and clean, and your nails should be less harvested. The rings should be removed, because muddy traffic can largely damage the surface of the area.

paris hotel massage

Body should be heated – for this you can take a shower or bath. How to remove fat from thighs and buttocks without the help of a professional massage? It is necessary to complete such movements:

Reception name

Technique of execution

Stroke of the outer side of the thigh

Press the palm tightly on the palm, stroke it.

Internal thigh stroke


Knees kneeling to kneel, palm is dense with the body to stroke. Confrontation Curved brush performed by bone protrusions. Rub the outer part of the thigh. Pressure

The collar of the right palm and thumb puts pressure on the outer part of thighs and priests. Left palm to massage the inner thigh Do the same with the other leg.  paris hotel massage 

paris hotel massage


One leg is spread over the couch, the second is reduced. The hands are put in the hip, you need to understand the muscles and they have to pull a little. Make a winding movement with your right hand, and leave yourself. Slowly, it is necessary to go to the gron in knee.  massage paris hotel

Move about

Thighs muscles should be rested, thumb and small finger muscles need to be understood. Starting from knee to grobine, stimulating movement. They should be repeated from knee to knee.  massage hotel paris 

Thighs and buttocks bought muscles to make a beautiful, flexible shape skin tone, you can use a run in the massage, plus stadium. Such practice would also be useful:  hotel paris massage

Shoulder width, feet on hands on the waist Without bowing down the lower limbs, you have to tear your right foot off the ground so that the weight of the body is only one foot. Then it is necessary to change the load on the other leg. Make every limb 20 times.  paris hotel massage

To fix the waist, keep the shoulders width of hands, hands on hands. Gradually, sit-up, without changing body condition. Make recurrence 15. paris massage hotel 

paris hotel massage

How to remove in the thigh
Often the fat layer is formed inside the thigh. To get quick results and lose weight, many times a week is worth training. A good exercise, which develops within the thigh only, is lungs. In a permanent position, you have to spread your legs broadly, then you will have to tilt your right leg and sit.  masajista domicilio barcelona

The left hand should be reached to the floor, and the right hand should be on its side. Pressing the muscles of the press, hips on the exhaust, it is worth changing. Exercise is not done more than two minutes.

How to remove fat from the thighs
Any training should be held at least twice a week for one hour. Remove the “ear” from the outside of the thigh aid squats quickly with weight. To make a slow seat-up you have to choose straight, toe separation, dumbbells. paris hotel massage

This physical load is done for no more than 40 seconds. An effective exercise that helps burn fat is called “kick-side”. It is necessary to apply sharp eddy shots in favor. It is important to remember the permanent 20 seconds, to perform quality attacks, so you need a good vibe.  paris massage hotel 

paris hotel massage

How to remove fat from behind the thigh
To strengthen, the muscle mass rope will help to jump from the volume hips. Within 30 seconds you need to jump without kneeling on your knees. Then a break is made and the jumps are repeated again. 4-5 approaches are recommended – such interval exercises will help reduce weight after 4 weeks. Strengthen the muscles properly. Regular training in the lower limb pool.  hotel paris massage

How to clean buttocks
The priest was not only clean, but also beautiful shape was obtained, you need to do the following practice:

Extraction of the pelvis: With knees to push the chutney, it is necessary to lie on the mat. At the exit, reduce the ass so that he can not touch the floor. Repeat 8-10  massage paris hotel 

Squats with a pistol are carried out as follows: One leg bends, the second moves forward, so you need to squat.
Video: How to remove fat from buttocks and thighs  massage hotel paris 

A beautiful and thin figure is the result of daily labor on itself. To achieve the goal, you can use  paris hotel massage at the gym or at home. Regular jogging, jumping rope, squat relaxes the muscles. To get results, exercise should be organized. It is not important to forget that it is necessary to drink 2 liters of water to play.

How to clean buttocks
The priest was not only clean, but also beautiful shape was obtained, you need to do the following practice:

Extraction of the pelvis: With knees to push the chutney, it is necessary to lie on the mat. At the exit, reduce the ass so that he can not touch the floor. Repeat 8-10  paris massage hotel 

Squats with a pistol are carried out as follows: One leg bends, the second moves forward, so you need to squat.
Video: How to remove fat from buttocks and thighs  hotel massage paris 

paris hotel massage

A beautiful and thin figure is the result of daily labor on itself. To achieve the goal, you can use massage at the gym or at home. Regular jogging, jumping rope, squat relaxes the muscles. To get results, exercise should be organized. It is not important to forget that it is necessary to drink 2 liters of water to play.  hotel paris massage

How to reduce the amount of feet at home
How to reduce the amount of feet in the gym
Exercise to burn fat on buttocks  massage paris hotel

Hips – This is the area of ​​the female shape, which is considered to be the most problematic. In this place, the accumulation of instrumental fat is the fastest. And after that there is an increase in the campus which is the specialty of women representatives.  massage hotel paris 

To increase the condition, there may be genetics and unhealthy lifestyle. Of course, in some days it is impossible to participate with the problem. But it is quite possible to try to improve the data. To do this, you have to follow the comprehensive recommendations for weight loss. paris hotel massage

You can get rid of fat deposits at home. To do this, you need to make the right selection of practice, nutrition and regular massage.  paris massage hotel

How to remove fat from hips – changes in nutrition
The quantity of your thighs will move slowly and it does not have to be hungry to sit on the food. To do this, you need to limit the consumption of flour, sweet, fatty foods, potatoes.  hotel paris massage

paris hotel massage

If you see your food from outside, then you can see that the consumption of food is not due to hunger but rather to get pleasure from eating. After all, everyone can refuse a delicious cake or favorite dessert in the evening seeing an exciting transfer.

The first thing you need to limit yourself to four hours before sleeping is. Focusing on strict diet is not important, but it is important to have a positive attitude. After all, sweets can be replaced with less delicious fruits.  hotel massage paris

It is also important to reduce your normal portion twice. If you think that you are not eating, then you are wrong. Human stomach requires less food than we think.  paris hotel massage

How to remove fat from the hips – the trick is life!
You have to go further for the fat than the hips, and you need to move further. In this case, all muscles should be included. Of course, an evening walk is very useful, but it is not enough.  hotel paris massage 

To get started, you need to practice simple feet especially, for example, squats and mahi. The next day you can feel the work of some muscles. Then select such exercises so that all the muscles are involved. After that, your hips will become thin, because the fat deposit will run slowly.  massage paris hotel 

If there is a treadmill, you can read at home. If the simulator is not there, special practice is necessary.

How to Remove Fats from Your Hips – Simple Practices for Reducing Your Feet
Choose exercises that correct the problem area.  massage hotel paris 

paris hotel massage

to walk. You need to be consistent in the movement, and if you have to go, leave public transportation. Walking fast for the body is useful, and helps in getting rid of fat from the feet.
Its going on. Walking like walking is a great way to lose weight. But if a woman has a heart problem, then she needs to control the load.  paris hotel massage 

Lesson Swimming You can swim anywhere: in a river, lake, pool or sea. Thus, you can get rid of stress from the body, strengthen the muscles, remove the fat.  paris hotel massage 
Squat. Using normal squats, you can remove the amount of feet. You have to start with 10 times and gradually increase 20 times. If you practice regularly, then one month later you can see a good result!

lover. It is most effective exercise. Holding on support, you need to push your feet forward. So, you can return the glow of the feet and pumping the press. paris massage hotel
Exercises are so easy and simple that they can be demonstrated during the water in the Kettle boil. And, while talking on the phone, you need to move slowly.  hotel  massage paris 

How to remove fat from your hips – drink lots of fluids
Water accelerates the metabolism, so the weight loss process is more effective. Every day, do not count soup, coffee and tea, it is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters.

How to remove fat from hips – cosmetic procedures  hotel paris massage
After bath, do anti-cellulite massage. To do this, it is better to choose a prison with the warming effect. With the help of circular movements, it should be rotated in the problem area of ​​the thighs.

paris hotel massage

It is also effective for weight loss. You can use honey or mustard-honey treatment. To do this, apply honey to the skin and wrap the film, leave for the night. Mustard-honey should be kept for a maximum of 40 minutes. Mustard is most active due to exchange processes. hotel massage paris 

If you are on the diet and lead the impending lifestyle, then you will not see any results in the fight against weight loss. It is very important to combine all the above recommendations.  hotel paris massage 

Hip is the most problematic area of ​​a female shape. It is here that hypodermic fat accumulates rapidly, and complexes with it also grow. This problem is typical of many women. Due to the distribution of fat mass, female hormones are responsible for distribution.

Genetic bias and improper condition of life increases. Today, there are many ways to lose weight without the loss of health in problematic places.

Weight Loss Features in Thighs   paris hotel massage
Remove excess weight and avoid obesity In the future, you can use a broader approach to the problem. It includes low calorie food, wrap, massage and physical exercise.

At home, any woman can escape the accumulation of extra calories by selecting the right practice, taking food and massaging regular light in the problem areas. With the able adjustment of nutrition during practice, internal fat will be burned, and no calories from food.  paris hotel massage

paris hotel massage

It should be noted that without affecting other parts of the body, it is impossible to remove excess fat only on the hips. In the process of reducing the amount of thighs, weight will be reduced in the remaining parts of the body and normally weight will be reduced.  hotel paris massage

Applying a broader approach to solving this problem, you can also remove the fat by hand, side and abdomen, as well as other parts of the body. Do not expect immediate results, it will definitely appear, but it will take at least 3 weeks. paris

Basic Principles of Hip Correction
Following the many rules, possibly remove fats from the hips:
Complex Attitudes It is important to add special practice to correct this area, proper nutrition, cosmetic procedures and overall physical activity.  hotel massage paris 

Proper Nutrition Choosing a diet is essential, whose main principle is to reduce consumption calories. Reduce the consumption of flour, sweet, salted, fatty, roasted and smoking. Eat protein foods, complex carbohydrates, unsweetened fruits and vegetables.

Drinking water is essential. This will accelerate metabolism, which causes the process of losing weight flows more efficiently. Excluding tea, coffee, soup, the minimum daily water standard is 1.5 liters.  paris hotel massage

paris hotel massage

Follow exercise to lose weight, which corrects the problem area. Consider the impact area. For hips with “strategic” fat stores, the actual load is real. paris masage hotel

Cosmetic procedures Anti cellulite massage and wrapping can be done at home, especially after bathing. A good result will help a special gel, which has warming effect, which should be rubbed in the skin of the thighs in circular motion for 5 minutes. hotel paris massage

Home rap for slim hips
To improve the shape, wrapping (honey or mustard-honey) is also suitable. Honey is applied to the skin, hips are wrapped in the film, kept on tight leggings and left overnight. Washing in the morning with hot water is important. Wrap the mustard-honey for 40 minutes to maximize the activation of metabolic processes. hotel massage paris 

Exercise to reduce the amount of hips
Exercises that allow you to remove fats from hips can vary. While performing, the main condition is the feeling of leg muscles. The most effective exercises are:

Lying on your back, you have to press your feet close to the buttocks. Keep a foot straight at an angle on the high floor as much as possible. In the second stage, the hip should be raised 10-20 times.  massage paris hotel 

How to get rid of “ear on hips” in 2 weeks
It is necessary to lie in favor of it, elevate the upper leg, keep it in the same plane with the body. In this situation, it should be taken into custody for as long as possible.  massage hotel paris 

paris hotel massage

5 best practices for hips
We put a stack of stools or thick books. Alternatively, for 5-10 minutes each, stand on her feet.

We remove the fat from within the thigh
Athletes know effective and quick methods to remove from the inside. To do this, you need to do special exercises involving muscles in the problem area. To become more beautiful in order, physical exercise should be performed daily primarily.
8 exercises for inside the thigh  paris hotel massage

The most common practice – is to lift the leg in the position of lying. For the presence of effect, it is necessary to raise the left foot 10 times to the left. Should knees on the right knee or should be pulled back for convenience.  paris massage hotel

Taking the left foot in the same position is not easy, but the result is not itself above, but muscle tension. It is necessary to complete 3 approaches in 10 climbing on each leg – this will be a wonderful start to bring this figure into order.

Nails also play an important role in making hands beautiful. Find out some easy tips to make fingernails relatively early in this article.
Beautiful about nails

paris hotel massage

Household remedies for quickening nails
Nails are made from proteins called ‘keratin’. Normally one ninety-one-inch in one month increases the length of the nails. Increasing the nails at low speed is due to many reasons, such as aging, hormonal changes, lack of nutrients in the body, etc. Looking at this, we are telling you some simple and home remedies for enhancing nails –  hotel paris massage

• Our nails are made from proteins, so it is important that we accept a diet rich in proteins. For this you can get protein shake or vitamin D supplements.  hotel  massage paris

• Nails need moisture to grow properly. For this, massage the nails by heating olive oil lightly while sleeping at night. It contains vitamin E, which provides better nutrition and strengthening of blood circulation around the nails.

Beetroot Salad

• Regular consumption of beet sugar salts, remove the clumsiness of nails, they increase rapidly.

• Put lemon juice in hot water and keep your fingers in it for 5 minutes, then put the hand immediately in cold water. As the nails grow, their tenderness will also increase.  paris massage hotel

paris hotel massage

• To keep nails enhancing and providing nutrition, keep 10 grams of raisins soak overnight in water. Drink this water and eat raisins in the morning. Take this action from 15 days to 1 month; With this removal of anemia, the nails grow rapidly.

Tomatoes should be eaten  paris hotel massage

• Tomato contains abundant biotin, which helps in growing nails. As well as being rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, tomatoes are also helpful in making nails healthy and shiny.

• After washing orange juice or putting nails in orange juice for 10 minutes, washing hands with warm water will be very beneficial. By doing this continuously, your nails will grow faster by being healthy.  hotel paris massage

• Garlic is also very beneficial for nurturing and growing nails. Putting garlic paste on the nails twice a week, nails get adequate nutrition.

• In addition to these remedies, if some precautions are also taken, your nails can grow rapidly with being healthy and beautiful, such as – cut nails regularly and keep trim, menicure from time to time, at night Apply cream on nails before sleeping so that moisture retains etc.  hotel massage paris 

So adopt these easy and effective tips and quickly raise your nails.

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